Home Updates That Pay Off!!

February 7th, 2019 by Farhad

Upgrading and remodeling of your house presents endless possibilities both to improve the sale value and also the satisfaction quotient. Keep in mind it is tough to decide where to put your hard earned money – towards a new kitchen or a facelift for the bathroom.

Usually, remodeling projects can be planned based on whether you are planning to stay or sell your property. In case you are planning to sell your home it's very important to realize that what you spend towards the house may not be what you get out of the sale.

Making a list of all the improvements your home needs will soon become overwhelming, consult your Realtor for those improvements that will garner the best rate of return. Many small improvements with a lot of creativity can get you better results and a more beautiful home.

If you plan on staying in your house, making renovations and upgrades is a great way to invest in the long-term value of your home. The value you create now will increase over a period of time.Use these home-remodeling ideas to increase your home value and enjoy the process.

1. Make The Master Bedroom Feel Like A Retreat

Bedrooms are a reflection of your lifestyle. Your bedroom can be a value commodity for prospective buyers. Start at the very top. See how you can improve your celling. Tray ceilings break up a plain bedroom and add an interesting architectural note to your home. Next you can work on the lighting, do away with flashy setup and use dimmers to enhance the ambiance. All this will certainly mean increased buyer interest.

2. Master Bathroom

Create a wow effect! Bathroom is the safest place to start your project. Bathroom upgrades are always considered a smart move. Consider upgrading the plumbing fixtures with higher end materials. Also, upgrading tiled floors and showers will certainly add value. Changes like replacing old wallpapers and adding new lighting will look great without denting your wallet. Some cost effective changes are replacing outdated vanity and bad lighting. These upgrades will also guarantee to give your bath a modern look.

3.Upgrading Kitchen Adds Value

Kitchen upgrades are the key to for maximizing your home’s value. Consider updating appliances like an old microwave for shiny new models. For fixtures opt for coordinated faucet, control and sink sprayer. Cabinets may take the top percentage out of your budget, but will also give you the most return. Upgrading the countertops adds value too.

4. Paint! Paint! Paint!

Peeling paint may signify to prospective buyers that you have not taken adequate care of your house and there may be other problems hidden under the surface. So, the number one thing that you can do is to paint. Make sure that the colors you choose complement the other aspects of your home. Add to your property's visual interest using accent walls and textured brush techniques. Many paint stores offer free or a discounted design services. Painting is something you can easily do yourself or talk to your Real Estate agent and they can guide you to their vast network.

5. Replace That Tired Carpet

A dirty carpet is always a turnoff for buyers as no one would prefer to walk barefoot on your tired, dirty and worn-out carpet. It’s also a matter of household hygiene.  Its better removing the carpet if have hardwood floor underneath, but if you are planning on replacing the existing one choose the color wisely that goes with your overall décor.

6. It's All About Curb Appeal

Buyer’s first impression of your home starts right at the curb appeal. This serves as an indication of what's awaiting on the inside! Start by painting the exterior siding as it covers your entire house, there is nothing worse than faded and weathered siding that can ruin the curb appeal. Paint your windows, the best features your home has, and it is also the simplest and easiest way to boost curb appeal. Finally, go ahead and add outdoor solar pathway or spotlights to showcase your front garden.