March 7th, 2019 by Farhad

Buying a house is one of the greatest investments a man can make both financially and emotionally. Everybody wants to own a house that not only meets the needs and requirements of the family but also gets value appreciation. Such houses definitely prove as an asset when seen from a long-term perspective. This is the reason why one should consider a few parameters before investing in their new house.

Consider Market Changes since the initial purchase

Market changes tell a lot. If you look at your home as a financial investment, it is imperative to check for its initial price and study the market fluctuations taking place from time to time. If you are on the buyer’s side, this change will be observed in the due course of time from firstly buying it to later selling it.

Look for the inflationary/ deflationary trends in the real estate of your area.

Understand the local market, evaluate the parameters, conduct surveys and track the trends to know where the value of your home would lie in the longer run. Increased market values indicate the possibility of an increase in the market rate of your property eventually. However, if the positive transitions have just begun, don’t sell your property right away. Hold on to it to reap the benefits of an upward movement of the market.

Equity is an important factor

When one sets out to make an investment, the first and foremost expectation out of it is profits. Even when the sale/purchase of real estate is concerned, the most probable and possible return of investment of the property is concerned. The equation to finding the investment potential in property has two variables. Market changes are definitely the first one followed by equity.

In the layman terms, equity refers to the first-hand payment of the price of your house along with any profits or value upgrades since the purchase being factored in. Since every investment in property comes with the thoughts on the return of investment to balance the loan amount borrowed from banks, checking for the equity factor becomes all the more necessary.

A comparative market analysis provides useful data

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is a very powerful tool to know the actual worth of your house or the house under your consideration for the purpose of buying. The market analysis report evaluates the data and key facts and figures pertaining to the property in order to estimate the current market value.

The CMA reports fluctuate with the fluctuations in the sales prices of other homes in the area. The report allows the sellers to decide the listing price of the property. On the other hand, these reports allow the buyers to make the most approximate estimate of the property of their choice. These reports provide the most credible information on the aspects pertaining to property. However the prices can change in a few years before or after the purchase. Finding the comparables for your house is very easy with Farhad Realty.

Think about how to price your home

A lot of thought goes into forming the strategies and coming up with the right price for selling away your home. While deciding the price, one should strike a good balance between maximizing the profit and deciding the price according to pertaining market conditions.

Getting the Comparative Market Analysis can give you a perfect head start and the appraisals could add to it. Further, a credible real-estate agent can give you a rough estimate of what the price might look like. Taking note of the value of properties in the vicinity of your home can also help you in deciding the right price for your house.

Can you do something to add more to the value of your house? Of course, you can! You can make improvements in your property such as getting the renovation done so as to attract more buyers. Understand the common desires and trends of the buyers, inculcate such changes in your house and you can sell your property at prices higher than before.

Learn how to know if your home will gain value

Any wise buyer looking to invest in real estate would want to do so at a place that can help him reach long term financial benefits. Getting an idea of what profits one can earn by investing in a property involves intelligent guesstimates, analysis of market trends and sheer luck before one gets started.

While most of the pointers stated above will prove to be helpful, doing your homework and being perceptive of any sorts of developmental programs of the area is also needed. Taking notes of the neighboring cusps that are equipped with all the necessary amenities is always a good idea. Buying a property in such diverse hot-spots of the city in the early developmental stages will prove worthwhile in due course of time. For everything else, Farhad Realty will help!