Evaluating the Offers

After successfully marketing the house and getting potential buyers and agents, its offer day, which is the real fun part! Our agents will keep you updated on the multiple offers on your home and the only thing left now is to compare it to each other.

Price:  Being one of the most important steps, there are several questions that accompany it. What is the percentage of down payment on the offers?  Are some offers all-cash offers?  It is critical to weigh the risks and we will provide an expert opinion to help you choose the offer that will guarantee a timely and smooth sale.

Is the buyer pre-approved?  Even the best price will quickly lose its lustre if your buyer can’t come up with the funds on closing day. You have to make sure that the buyer is pre-approved for a mortgage and can purchase your home.

Size of the deposit:  A genuine deal offer accompanies a deposit which can be somewhere in the range of 20% to half of the offering cost, yet a higher rate demonstrates a higher responsibility with respect to the purchaser.  It is important to go with an offer that has their deposits ready to make the sale process smooth and hassle-free.

Clauses that can cost you money:  Stay cautious of the hidden clauses which can possibly lead to alarming costs. Your agent can go over these documents and can point out the potential red flags and unmentioned clauses. Agents are exceptionally skilled when dealing with these situations; they will negotiate and get you the price you desired with no additional, unwanted conditions.